Are Cookies Plant Based?

Who can resist cookies? They are available in great varieties and loved globally by the young and the old. Loaded on sugar and butter, cookies are obviously not a part of a healthy diet, but a lot of people want to find out if they are plant based. 

So, are cookies plant based? No, cookies are not plant based. Though there are plant based options available, cookies generally contain eggs, butter and processed sugar, making them far from being plant based.

Are Cookies Plant Based?

There are exceptions that substitute animal-based ingredients to make healthier, plant-based cookies. These recipes also use natural sources of sugar. Some manufacturers even offer cookies that involve no baking. 

In this post, let us try to find out whether there are any substitutes for cookies that suit a plant based diet. 

Top 3 Cookies Substitutes For a Plant Based Diet

While a plant based diet can certainly include snacks and processed foods, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients and processes used in the products. Plant based cookies lack animal products like eggs and butter that generally make most of a cookie. 

Today, the market offers a large variety of options like Carol’s Cookies made using substitutes like vegan margarine, oil, soymilk, nuts and tofu. Cocoa powder, nuts, poppy seeds and other plant-based ingredients are used as flavorings. 

Carol’s Cookies

Delicious like ordinary cookies, these treats from the brand are made without any use of eggs or dairy. The cookies use all-natural, plant-based ingredients that taste just like butter cookies. These cookies use unbleached wheat flour, plant-based butter made out of coconut cream and oil, vegan lactic acid, unsweetened chocolate, salt, chocolate chips, baking powder and nutritional yeast. 

Available in a number of flavors to choose from, Carol’s Cookies can be consumed like ordinary cookies without ruining a plant-based diet. 

Ready Nutrition Protein Cookies

Suitable for plant-based, vegan and gluten-free diets, the plant-based protein cookies from Ready Nutrition provide 16 grams of protein per cookie and give you a healthy way to snack on your favorite chocolate chip cookies. They are free of any dairy product or gluten and yet deliver the taste and texture you would expect from these treats. 

Protein cookies are made using oat flour and natural sugar sources to provide you a guilt-free way of enjoying your snacks with tea. 

Bake City Cookie + Protein

Bake City offers a huge variety of healthy snacks for those who want to complement their healthy lifestyles. Cookie+Protein is one of the products from the brand aimed at offering a delicious snack option for those who want to follow vegan and plant-based diets. 

Made using premium, high-quality ingredients, these cookies are free of any artificial color or flavor, trans fat and processed sugar sources. Available in six exciting flavors including chocolate chip, dark chocolate and peanut butter, these cookies deliver 22 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in each serving. They are free of any animal products and a healthy, plant-based alternative to cookies. 

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