Is Yogurt Plant Based?

Fermented foods like yogurt are nutritious and full of beneficial probiotics and good bacteria that improve digestion and immune system. But when people switch to a plant-based diet, yogurt is one of the first things they think they will have to give up.

So, is yogurt plant based? No, yogurt is not plant based because it is dairy-based. While there are several dairy-free options available, regular yogurt is made out of animal-based ingredients, making it unsuitable for plant-based diets. However, it is possible to include yogurt in your diet by replacing dairy ingredients with plant-based products.


Read on to find out whether there is any substitute for yogurt that you can use as a part of your plant-based diet.

Top 3 Yogurt Substitutes For A Plant Based Diet

While dairy-based yogurt is not appropriate for a plant-based diet, those who want to benefit from the gut-boosting properties of this superfood can find several dairy-free alternatives in the market. These products such as the Forager Project are made from oats, flaxseeds, nuts, coconut and other dairy substitutes and contain probiotic cultures just like their dairy counterparts. 

Forager Project Dairy-Free Yogurt

An excellent plant-based yogurt alternative, Forager Project offers a line of delicious, creamy non-dairy yogurt rich in probiotics. This brand relies on using organic cashews as the main ingredient in their products. You can choose from six varieties of plant-based yogurts in flavors like vanilla bean, unsweetened bean, lemon, strawberry, cherry and blueberry.

This traditional-style yogurt is made by fermenting the cashew milk with live cultures and does not contain added probiotics. These products are made in Greek style to contain more plant-based protein. Each serving of this yogurt offers 6 grams of protein from watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds and brown rice. 

Lavva Dairy Free Yogurt

This brand focuses on using the lowest carb nut, the Pili nut for its plant-based dairy alternatives. The non-dairy yogurt is made by blending this nut with cassava and coconut to offer a thick and creamy texture without any added sugar. The yogurt is available in several flavors including blueberry and raspberry and contains only real ingredients. 

Each cup of this yogurt ends up with 50 billion probiotics from young plantains. The company aims to use natural processes and creativity to avoid any use of thickeners and stabilizers. All the flavors are free of artificial sugar and sweetened with real fruits. One serving of this yogurt contains 160 calories with 10g carbohydrates and 2g protein, making it a healthy dairy yogurt substitute.

Halsa Oatgurt

Leveraging the power of the new plant-based superfood, oat milk, Halsa offers the first-ever clean dairy-free yogurt. It is made out of organic wholegrain imported oats to keep them nutritious and healthy. The product is available in multiple varieties and size options, some of the most popular being plain unsweetened, strawberry, vanilla, mango and blueberry. The only sugar in these varieties is the sugar coming from fruits.

The brand aims to keep the products free of any chemicals the body would need to get rid of. Some of the top ingredients in this dairy-free yogurt include oat milk, pea protein, tapioca flour and coconut oil. One serving of this yogurt gives 3g of protein and 110 calories, making it an amazing alternative to traditional yogurt for plant-based diets.