About Veggieslicious

I’m Tara, and I blog about plant-based recipes.

I’ve always loved cooking, but as a vegan for the past six years, it’s become my life.

After college, I became a vegetarian to help reduce my carbon footprint and because of an interest in animal welfare. Six months later I went vegan after watching videos about animal cruelty on YouTube and deciding that if animals could suffer so much at our hands then there was no reason we should be able to eat them either!

I am a plant based food blogger. I love to run, cook, eat delicious food with friends and family, sleep in on the weekends when I can get away with it, watch old movies or TV shows that are new to me (and you might not know about), travel as much as possible-especially outside of North America-and be creative!

Sometimes people ask me why I blog about plant based food instead of say running or cooking meat dishes?

It’s simple: I like sharing my knowledge and experience with others so they too can enjoy these amazing foods.

My favorite dish is Vegan Lasagna Rolls with Homemade Marinara Sauce. It’s vegan comfort food at it’s finest!