Is Vodka Plant Based?

Some believe that those who follow a plant-based diet have a boring life. They don’t enjoy a drink or have any fun. The truth is that these folks can indulge in their favorite drink and have a lot to choose from. But, not all beverages are suitable for a plant-based diet. 

So, is vodka plant based? Yes, vodka is plant based. Vodka is made by extracting the alcohol from grain or plant-based carbohydrates and don’t use any animal product. However, it is important to check the label to make sure the drink you consume is free from any ingredients that could interfere with your diet.


Below, we try to learn more about what goes into vodka and whether you should add it to your plant-based diet. 

Why Vodka is Plant Based?

Alcoholic drinks are generally made using grains and fruits and don’t contain animal-based ingredients. However, it is the process of filtration that renders them unsuitable for a plant-based diet. 

When it comes to vodka, fining is not necessary because the impurities are removed from the beverage during the process of distillation it undergoes. This means there is no ingredient that makes vodka inappropriate for a plant-based diet. 

What are the Main Ingredients in Vodka?

Vodka is a beverage made by fermenting sugary substances coming from grains, vegetables and fruits. The most popular choice for the main ingredient is rye, corn or wheat. Other ingredients in vodka include nutritional yeast, malt, water and flavors. 

Some brands add artificial flavors and other additives that you should avoid while on a plant-based diet. So, it is best to check the label to make sure you pick a variety that stays as natural as possible and contains no chemicals or animal-derived ingredients. 

Vodka Nutrition

There are several brands and varieties of vodka available to choose from. Some are made out of potatoes and grains like rye, corn, wheat and barley while others are made from fruits. The flavor in the drink is so clean that it feels like you are having a low-calorie drink. However, the actual calories in the vodka depend on the alcohol content. 

If you choose a vodka brand with more alcohol, the number of calories will go up. Apart from the calories from alcohol, vodka has no nutritional value. There are no carbs, cholesterol, protein, fat, sodium, sugar, fiber or vitamins in this beverage. Here is the info about calorie content in different varieties of vodka:

  • 70 proof – 85 cal
  • 80 proof – 96 cal
  • 90 proof – 110 cal
  • 100 proof – 124 cal

You can also find vodka infused with natural flavors of fruits and vegetables like cinnamon, coconut, berry, lemon, watermelon and cranberry. As long as these additives are natural ingredients, vodka is suitable for a plant-based diet. Some brands even add sugars, cream, meat or artificial flavors which should be avoided. 


So, should you consume vodka on a plant-based diet? You can certainly indulge in vodka in moderate amounts as a part of a whole food diet. However, you should make sure you drink once in a while to limit calorie intake. Moreover, stay away from drinks that contain artificial flavorings, added sugar and animal-derived ingredients.