Is Greek Yogurt Plant Based?

The creamy, tasty snack is often loved for its nutrition profile, flavor and texture. Different brands offer their own version of Greek yogurt packed with beneficial probiotic bacteria to improve gut health. However, it is important to find out whether this food suits your new diet. 

So, is Greek yogurt plant based? No, Greek yogurt is not plant based. Like other yogurts, Greek Yogurt contains dairy as the main ingredient. While it is free from meat, it is derived from animal products like milk, making it far from being plant-based. However, there are some brands producing plant-based Greek yogurt that contain dairy substitutes.

Is Greek Yogurt Plant Based?

Read on to find out whether there is a substitute for Greek yogurt that you can enjoy while following a plant-based diet. 

Top 3 Greek Yogurt Substitutes For A Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet does not permit any food containing dairy as the main ingredient which is why you cannot eat Greek yogurt when on this diet. Fortunately, there are several plant-based alternatives made using dairy-free ingredients like almond, coconut or soy milk. 

Plant-based Greek substitutes like the Coconut Milk Yogurt from So Delicious are a great way to get the beneficial bacteria and nutrients without compromising on the dietary restrictions. 

So Delicious 

This brand offers a wide variety of Greek yogurt alternatives free from dairy and other animal products. They are made out of coconut milk and oatmilk and come in several flavors to choose from. The coconut milk yogurt varieties contain organic coconuts along with plant-based starch and toppings like cocoa, almonds and more. 

This yogurt provides 210 calories per serving of a container with 3g protein, 3g fiber and vitamins and minerals making a good percentage of daily recommended intake. You can consume this yogurt or add it to recipes just like normal Greek yogurt.


A great plant-based yogurt alternative, Forager offers a creamy, tasty, non-dairy product rich in probiotics. You can choose from several varieties, ranging from unsweetened to naturally flavored yogurt for plant-based protein and probiotics. All these products are made using organically sourced cashews and other sustainable ingredients. 

The dairy-free Greek yogurt is also available in organic variety which contains 6 grams more protein per serving coming from brown rice, watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds. The taste and texture of these yogurt alternatives resemble much of the original Greek yogurt, giving you a convenient way to add this healthful food to your plant-based diet. 


Another brand offering yogurt alternatives with the use of dairy substitutes like soy and almond milk, Silk has a huge variety of Greek yogurt in different flavors. These products are non-dairy, gluten-free, vegan and free of any artificial flavors. Each serving delivers probiotics, plant-based protein and a good amount of calcium. 

The brand offers you yogurt substitutes in the same texture as dairy-based yogurt. You can choose from soy or almond-based products in your favorite flavor including blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, peach, strawberry and more. These creamy yogurts use cocoa, fresh fruits, plant-based starch and added vitamins.