Are Essential Oils Plant Based?

There are so many ways you can use essential oils, from topical application for pain relief to natural aroma diffusers. As they are derived from plants, they are a great addition to any healthy diet. However, a lot of products remain far from being natural when they go through processes before reaching you. 

So, are essential oils plant based? Yes, essential oils are plant based as they are made by extracting the natural oil from plants and no animal products are used in the process. However, it is important to choose the products carefully to make sure they are suitable for plant-based diet.

Are Essential Oils Plant Based?

Let us discuss more about plant based essential oils along with their benefits, ingredients and other details.

Why Are Essential Oils Plant Based?

Pure essential oils are on their own completely plant based as they are made up of pure plant material. It is a concentrated, pure extract without mixing with anything else. The only way for an essential oil to not be plant-based is when it is mixed with an animal-based ingredient. 

Some low-quality brands process essential oils with some chemicals or animal-based products, making them ineffective and far from being plant-based. It is therefore essential to check the product’s label to make sure it goes with your plant-based lifestyle. 

What Are The Main Ingredients In Essential Oils?

Commercial essential oils available in the market are made using the process of steam distillation where the steam pulls out oil from the plant matter. When it cools, a high-quality, pure essential oil is left behind. Some of the most common plants used for making essential oils include tea tree, rosemary, oregano, peppermint, lavender, lemon, chamomile, eucalyptus and clove. 

This means essential oils contain no other ingredients except the plant matter itself. Some essential oils go through solvent extraction where a plant-based solvent is used for separating the oil from the plant material. 

Essential Oil Benefits

Several high-quality, reputed brands offer therapeutic plant-based essential oils that prove beneficial in a variety of situations. One of the most calming scents available naturally, lavender oil works as an antispasmodic and antidepressant. It is often used to deal with stress and is a highly popular aromatherapy aid. 

Another important essential oil is made from rosemary bush that boasts a strong fragrance. Rosemary essential oil contains camphor that helps people suffering from sinuses, cold or flu. Orange essential oil also features several mood-enhancing properties and helps improve the function of the digestive system. 

Not only can essential oils benefit through scent and topical application, but some of them can also even be consumed to see their magical effects. These essential oils are a great addition to any plant-based diet. Orange essential oil can be added to drinking water to boost the immune system while grapefruit essential oil supports weight loss by improving metabolism. Lemon essential oil is one of the most popular ones used for cooking. It can be added to any cake or muffin batter, salad dressings or other dishes that need lemon zest. 

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