Is Xyngular Plant Based?

Xyngular is a weight loss program that includes fat burners, meal replacements, appetite suppressants, diet supplements and detoxifiers to help you lose extra pounds. The company offers a line of products designed to work in different ways to boost health and support weight loss.

So, is Xyngular plant based? No, Xyngular products are not plant-based. Though Xyngular supplements use plant-derived ingredients, they use synthetic processes for nutrient extraction, making them unsuitable for plant-based diets. Most products also contain synthetic compounds in addition to plant-based ingredients.


Read on to find out whether there is a substitute that you can use as a replacement for Xyngular to suit a plant-based diet.

Top Xyngular Substitutes For A Plant Based Diet

Xyngular may not suit some people following a strict plant-based diet as the products contain some synthetic ingredients. However, there are several plant-based supplements available in the market that provide excellent alternatives to Xyngular for weight loss and nutritional benefits. Protein shakes like 310 are naturally formulated without extensive processing to give you a whole food supplement on a plant-based diet. 

310 Protein Shake

Rated as one of the best organic protein powders in the market, 310 is made out of plant-based ingredients to boost weight loss. It is an effective meal replacement shake that contains a tri-plex protein blend containing rice, pea and hemp protein along with other natural ingredients to help lose weight by curbing hunger and limiting cravings. 

When used as a meal replacement, this shake creates a calorie deficit that results in fat conversion and thus weight loss. It also improves the metabolic rate and promotes the conversion of fat into fuel. It is a product free from soy, dairy and gluten and is rich in vitamin D, niacin, folate, calcium, magnesium and others. This blend of vitamins and minerals helps nourish the body and enhance overall well-being. You can find this shake in several flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and more. 

Orgain Organic Protein Powder

One of the most popular brands of plant-based supplements, Orgain offers everything from shakes and protein powders to protein bars and kids supplements. It is known for offering clean nutrition and its products are certified to be organic and free of artificial components. The protein powder contains a blend of superfoods like hemp, pea protein, chia seeds, brown rice and other ingredients to deliver essential nutrients to the body.

Its balanced proportion of amino acids and vitamins helps nourish the body and improve the functions of vital organs. It is a complete protein powder formulated out of plant-based ingredients and is an excellent alternative to Xyngular for those who follow a dairy-free, whole food diet.