Are Cigarettes Plant Based?

After all the decades of debate about the potential dangers associated with tobacco and cigarettes, it is now accepted globally that smoking is harmful to health. Cigarette smoking can be a cause for damage to the organs in the body and a whole lot of health problems including some life-threatening conditions like cancer and stroke. 

Despite the health effects, some people smoke and want to find out whether cigarettes are plant-based or not.

So, are cigarettes plant based? No cigarettes are not plant based. A cigarette is made using a large number of ingredients and goes through several processes to get the final product. While the main ingredient in a cigarette comes from a plant, cigarettes often contain animal-derived products like castoreum and beeswax.

Are Cigarettes Plant Based?

While it is difficult to find healthier alternatives to cigarettes, let us try to figure out some plant-based alternatives.

Top 3 Cigarette Substitutes For A Plant-Based Diet

A lot of people look for cigarette substitutes manufactured with minimal processing and animal-based ingredients. There are natural, pure tobacco products sold by several brands that claim to limit the use of additives. 

E-cigarettes are generally considered to be great alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. However, a lot of these products use animal products for flavor and color. Yet, there are some organic products like RAW organic hemp rolling papers known to be better suited to those who follow a plant-based diet. 

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

A great option for those who want to avoid smoking cigarettes, these rolling papers are organically made from pure hemp. It is 100% vegan with no additives or animal-based ingredients. You can easily roll the product into a smokable cigar and benefit from the uplifting properties of hemp. 

The product comes from a high-quality brand matching the highest standards of quality. It is an ultra-light, easy roll paper with slow and even burn properties for the best experience. 

Velvet Cloud Tobacco & Menthol E-Liquid

Made using premium tobacco and sweet, fruity flavors, this e-liquid is a great choice for those who want the taste and feel of a cigarette while vaping. The brand uses pure hemp without any artificial colors, base or flavors. You can vape this liquid in a device of your preference to substitute a cigarette. 

These premium vapor juices are available in a variety of nicotine levels so that you can get exactly the experience you are looking for. 

Nature’s Pure Tobacco

An all-natural additive-free tobacco that appeals to cigarette smokers concerned about ruining their diet and lifestyle, Nature’s Pure Tobacco cigarettes are made in the USA without any additives and other chemicals. The cigarette is produced from the finest tobacco grown in Virginia and North Carolina to provide a rich and fine taste. 

The natural tobacco is available in three options to choose from – Yellow relaxed and smooth, menthol full-body taste and Red rich and robust. With minimum processing involved and organic methods used, these alternatives are ideal for those who follow a healthy lifestyle and prefer to stay away from animal products and processed items. 

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