Is Mayonnaise Plant Based?

Mayonnaise is a big player in the world of condiments as it can transform simple sandwiches and burgers into lip-smacking dishes. The thick, creamy staple is regularly stocked in most homes. But people who switch to a plant-based diet often wonder whether they should abandon this beloved ingredient that makes most of their snacks. 

So, is mayonnaise plant based? No, mayonnaise is traditionally not plant based because it contains egg yolk as one of the main ingredients. However, several brands of dairy and egg-free mayonnaise can be found in the market to suit plant-based diets.

Is Mayonnaise Plant Based?

Below, we try to find out whether there is a mayonnaise substitute that you can add to your plant-based diet. 

Top 3 Mayonnaise Substitutes For A Plant Based Diet

While a traditional mayo is made using a process called emulsification from egg yolk, oil and vinegar to obtain the thick, fluffy sauce, there are varieties that replace eggs. These dairy and egg free options might suit a plant-based diet but it is important to choose the product wisely. 

The key is to check the ingredients list and make sure the product contains only plant-based components. There are several brands like Primal Kitchen, focusing on clean and naturally-sourced products to suit these diets.

Primal Kitchen

This brand has introduced a line of mayonnaise made without the use of dairy or animal foods. These varieties are plant-based and available in three varieties – Rosemary Garlic, Jalapeno Lime and Original. The mayonnaise tastes and works much like the regular mayo but is made out of avocado oil and potato protein. 

This mayo uses no gluten grains, sugar, or soybean oil and suits other restricted diets as well. It is a great option for those who are unable to use mayo spreads and dips due to their dietary restrictions. The use of avocado oil means the mayo is rich in healthy fat and other nutrients and provides health benefits. 


One of the first egg-free mayonnaise products to enter the market, Vegenaise was first introduced back in 1977 by Follow Your Heart, a reputed company dedicated to offering healthy foods. This creamy condiment has become a hit among those who want to replace the egg-containing mayo with something healthier. 

The company offers soy-free varieties like pesto, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, tartar sauce and a lot more to give buyers some delicious options for their sandwiches and dressings. The original mayonnaise contains canola oil, apple cider vinegar and soy protein along with other plant-based ingredients. It contains no added sugar or artificial colors and flavors. 

Just Mayo

A plant-based mayonnaise from ‘Just’, a company known for its vegan eggs, Just Mayo is made out of completely plant-based ingredients. Formulated after years of research, this product is one of the best choices for those who want to enjoy the fluffy sauce in their snacks. A specific variety of beans replaces eggs in this mayonnaise, making it ideal for those who want to avoid eggs and dairy.

Just Mayo comes in six different varieties including original, Sriracha, Garlic and more. It has the same consistency and thickness as the regular mayo and is made from organically sourced ingredients.