Are Pancakes Plant Based?

Pancakes are one of the best options for a brunch or breakfast. They have been around since ancient times and are made in different ways and known by different names. They can be made out of different flours, can have a sweet or savory flavor and can be enjoyed as lunch, dinner or dessert. But those who follow strict diets often wonder whether they can treat themselves to this tasty dish. 

So, are pancakes plant based? Yes, pancakes can be plant-based to some extent. While many pancakes are made using milk, eggs and other animal-based ingredients, it is possible to find products that use plant-based products instead. There are brands that offer plant-based versions of pancakes with egg replacers and other ingredients.

Are Pancakes Plant Based?

Let us try to learn more about what goes into pancakes to find out whether they are an ideal fit for a plant-based diet. 

Why Are Pancakes Plant Based?

Pancakes are generally baked with enriched wheat flour that comes from plants. It often contains a few other ingredients for binding and flavor. Though some brands use dairy products, eggs and other animal-derived products, they are added in small amounts and should not be a problem for plant based dieters.

However, if you are strict about the use of dairy or animal products, it is possible to find or make pancakes that use substitutes for eggs and dairy. Make sure you check the ingredients of the product to find out if you can make it a part of your plant-based diet. 

What Are The Main Ingredients In Pancakes?

Pancakes are made in different ways at different places using varied ingredients. However, the most common ingredient is plain flour or enriched wheat flour. Depending on the brand, the product can use other flours as well. 

Most pancakes use eggs, milk, butter, vegetable oil, chocolate chips and sugar in addition to flour. However, there are brands that offer plant-based versions of pancakes with egg replacers and other ingredients. It is easy to make your own pancakes using a few ingredients to avoid the processed products and preservatives sometimes found in commercially sold pancakes. 

Pancakes Nutrition

Pancakes are a high-carb breakfast option that provides enough calories to fuel the day’s activity. While they are not always healthy, it is possible to boost the nutrition content and lower the calorie and carb count to make them suitable for a plant-based diet. 

Normal pancakes containing butter and sugar generally give a lot of calories, fat and carbohydrates. You don’t get any fiber when you indulge in this dish. However, you can choose healthier options like those made out of whole grain flour, fruits, coconut milk and other plant-based ingredients. 

Here is the nutrition information for two pancakes baked with regular ingredients. 

  • Calories: 520
  • Carbohydrates: 90g
  • Protein: 8.3g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Fat: 14g

Using wheat flour adds some fiber to the meal to promote gut health. You can make your pancakes healthier by replacing butter and syrup with fruit toppings like berries. 


So, if you are craving pancakes on a plant-based diet, you can definitely indulge in some. However, make sure you read the labels and pick the product that best fits your diet requirements. Remember to choose healthier options to get nutritional benefits without ruining your health goals. 

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