Are French Fries Plant Based?

French fries are one of the most loved sides but often oil-fried and unhealthy. However, sometimes, you don’t have other options available or you simply like to treat yourself to something tasty. As French fries are made up of potatoes, it is easy to believe that they are plant-based though we often wonder whether they can really become a part of our plant-based diet. 

So, are French fries plant based? Yes, French fries are plant based. This is because they are just potatoes fried in vegetable oil. With so few ingredients, plant-based dieters can safely eat fries. However, there are exceptions. Some food chains use animal-based fat in their oils, making them far from being plant-based.

Are French Fries Plant Based?

Below, we discuss all you should know about what French fries are made up of so that you can clearly understand whether they should be a part of your plant-based diet. 

Why Are French Fries Plant Based?

French fries generally contain a few ingredients, the main component being potatoes. This is why they can be considered plant based. While most food chains offer plant-based fries, some restaurants use animal fats in their oil to make them tastier and more appealing. 

When fried at home in plant-based oil or cooked in an air fryer or oven, French fries are completely plant-based and even healthy to include in your diet once in a while. 

What Are The Main Ingredients In French Fries?

Though French fries are a simple side dish that seems to contain only potatoes, salt and oil, food chains often use a lot of other ingredients to make them so tasty. This means it is important to enquire about the recipe before including these snacks in your plant-based diet. Some restaurants may use preservatives and animal-based products that make your fries unhealthy and even harmful.

Most food chains use ingredients like potatoes, canola oil, soyabean oil, salt, citric acid, corn oil and other ingredients in their recipe. When baked or cooked at home, French fries can be made with just oil, salt and potatoes, making it a no-guilt addition to a plant-based diet. 

French Fries Nutrition

French fries are not known to provide any nutritional benefits as they are an unhealthy snack option loaded with calories and fats. However, when cooked at home with some modifications, they can be made healthy and nutritious. Here is the nutritional information about different types of French fries. 

NutrientRestaurant Fries fried in vegetable oilOil-Free Baked HomemadeAir Fryer Homemade Fries

The most popular option for restaurant-ordered fries is one medium deep-fried bowl which has about 400 calories. The best option is to bake or air-fry potato fries at home to stay away from unhealthy oils and other ingredients. 


So, can you snack on French fries when on a plant-based diet? Yes, you can! After all, it is one of the best side options out there. However, there are alternative ways you can try to make them healthier. Try baking your fries at home. When ordering those calorie-loaded fries at the restaurant, keep the portion in control. Though they are plant-based, they don’t provide much nutritional value and should be consumed in moderation. 

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