Is Thermofight X Plant Based?

Thermofight X is one of the most popular weight loss programs in the market. It claims to boost your metabolism through thermogenesis to accelerate fat burning and help you lose extra pounds. However, people who follow a plant-based diet naturally wonder whether this supplement is a good choice to add to their lifestyle.

So, is Thermofight X plant based? No, Thermofight X is not plant based. Though Thermofight X contains a blend of natural ingredients known to help burn fat, the formula also adds several synthetic components like Chromium and Calcium which don’t come from whole foods. Moreover, there are other inactive components processed in the laboratory that render this product inappropriate for a plant-based diet.

Thermofight X

Below, let us try to find out whether there is any substitute to Thermofight X that you can use on a plant-based diet. 

Top Thermofight X Substitutes For A Plant Based Diet

Though Thermofight X is a powerful, effective fat burner that helps lose extra pounds to get a good body shape, it may not suit some strict diet followers due to its composition that includes several minerals, vitamins and fat burning components synthesized in laboratories. However, there are some other substitutes like NutraLeaf that limit the use of chemicals and synthetic compounds and keep the formulation close to whole, natural sources. 


A 100% natural weight loss supplement suitable for plant-based diets, NutraLeaf has a vegan formula that burns fat, boosts energy and reduces cravings to help you lose weight. The product comes as veggie capsules made out of mostly plant-based ingredients. All the ingredients it uses are certified to be free of gluten, pesticides and heavy metals. 

NutraLeaf is made in a facility that processes no animal-based products. It uses real ingredients like Acai berries and green tea to give you a natural flavor and plant-based goodness as a part of your weight loss effort. It is a high-quality dietary supplement that you can add to your diet for fat loss without disrupting your health goals. 

Vintage Burn

Another amazing Thermofight X substitute for plant-based diet followers, Vintage Burn is a thermogenic fat burner that blends powerful natural ingredients to create a formula aimed at boosting fat loss. These ingredients help maintain energy throughout the day, improve mental focus, curb appetite and elevate mood. 

Vintage Burn is formulated using ingredients like extracts from green coffee, green tea, garcinia fruit, olive leaf and more. The product contains no artificial substances, preservatives or additives. It is specifically designed to suit restricted diets like vegan, ketogenic and plant-based and serves a good alternative to Thermofight X for those who want to avoid synthetic components and animal-derived products.